Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Salt Fork Lake

We rented a pontoon boat and went to Salt Fork Lake. We had so much fun and this is possibly one of our favorite trips. We had a tube to pull behind the boat and we all took our turn. Gavin did really well and started to get pretty fancy as the day went on. Madison was a little scared at first but that didn't last long. Mark was a pro and I was a rookie. I didn't know I was supposed to get out of the middle of the tube. I couldn't see anything because the water was splashing in my face. After they stopped I asked them what I was doing wrong and they told me to get on my knees once I did that it was smooth sailing. Dylan and Camryn were so good considering they had to wear life jackets that were almost bigger than they were. They were really content and enjoyed playing in the water when we stopped. We played at the beach and Katie put on a good shark attack show. I think everyone on the sand was about to pack up and take off. My dad was a good captain and let the kids help him drive the boat. Everyone had such a good time and we are already making plans to do it again!


Stacie said...

Oh my how fun is that!! the twins look so cute and uncomfortable in those lifeguard jackets. MIke wants to own a boat so bad but my goal it to own an actual house first! I'm glad you guys had a lot of fun

craig and jill said...

How fun! Boating is the best. Your kids are so darling.