Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mark's Birthday

We had a little get together for Mark's birthday. He wanted an ice cream cake so I got one from Coldstone. They have the best ice cream cakes! It was so yummy and we had so much fun celebrating. The kids really enjoyed the cake. It was covered in chocolate ganache so you can imagine the mess it made. Madison got it all over herself and the floor. I had no idea but Dylan had quietly crawled under the table and was eating all the chocolate that Madison dropped on the floor. He really enjoyed his first taste of chocolate and I don't think he'll have a problem eating cake on his birthday.


Laurie Von said...

hey mark's wife. im laurie VonForell-Anderson formerly from Edwardsville IL last time i saw mark he was 15. my dad does lots of business in IL and ran into either him or matt or maybe joe & Priscilla--someone gaves us your blog address to check out. you have an adorable family and i'm so thrilled to see Mark so happy--his family is awesome. take care