Tuesday, August 18, 2009


One of our many favorite places to visit in Amish country is Hershbergers Farm. The farm has many animals and the most delicious baked goodies and produce. The kids love petting all the animals and Mark and I love the cinnamon rolls and fry pies. We never leave Ohio without stopping at least once and we've been known to go a few times during our stay. During our most recent trip they had a Family Fun Night and all the pony and buggy rides were free. Gavin and Madison rode the ponies over and over again. They had lots of food and free kettle corn. I saw people loading grocery bags with the kettle corn. It's that good! Dylan and Camryn loved petting the little puppies.

Everyone waiting for their buggy ride to begin.

Gavin had to find the biggest pony to ride. He is getting so tall I think his feet would drag on the smaller ones.

Madison was in heaven! She loves horses so for her to get to go as much as she wanted was a special treat.

Gavin holding the cutest puppy there.

A picture of some of the produce. Most of it is twice the size that we see at our grocery stores.

Mark petting one of the many work horses.