Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Day of School

Well school has started and the kids are loving it! Gavin is in 5th grade (gasp) and really likes his teacher Mr. Gunter. Madison is in 2nd grade and loves her teacher Mrs. Horan. Dylan and Camryn are in pre-k and go to the same school as Madison. They love it and I love it because it gives me a couple of hours every day to get some things done. We're hoping for another great year!

Ober Gatlinburg

We went to Ober Gatlinburg on one of the days. It is the ski resort and it had an alpine slide, water slides, miniature golfing, a maze, playground, and rides for the kids. There was a tram ride to the top and while we were on it the rain started pouring. We were soaked! It didn't last too long so after it stopped we did all the water slides since we were already wet. 


While in Gatlinburg we did a lot of hiking. We hiked to some beautiful falls in the Smoky Mountains. Although, some of the hikes were pretty steep for three year olds. On one of the hikes Mark was carrying Dylan on his shoulders and our niece Maya in his arms and I carried Camryn. We were quite the sight and didn't make it all the way but we did have fun. We saw a few bears, but the woods are so dense I didn't get any good pictures of them. We did see a pack of Alpaca carrying down dirty laundry from a cabin you could only get to by hiking. It was pretty neat!

Gatlinburg Family Olympics

Matt and Rebecca put together some family olympics. We played a lot of games like they have on minute to win it. We had so much fun even though the team I was on didn't pull through with a win. Maybe next time.

Gatlinburg- The Cabin

We went  to Gatlinburg Tennessee for the first Hawk family reunion. We stayed in a beautiful cabin with a creek behind it. The kids had so much fun in the water. It also had a hot tub  and game room so all the kids were in heaven. The adults had fun playing games after the kids went to bed. Mark and I haven't stayed up that late since we were dating. We had so much fun on this trip!