Friday, October 17, 2008

Field Trip to the Zoo

Gavin had a field trip to the zoo yesterday. I had the opportunity to go with his class. There were four boys and three adults so it was pretty easy to keep an eye on everyone. I was very glad because I did not want to chase kids around all day. I think Gavin's teacher knew that too! The boys had a lot of fun and were able to get rid of a lot of energy. We visited all the animals that boys love to see. We spent a lot of time seeing the reptiles.

Ashton, Lawson, Evan and Gavin in the reptile building. They watched this snake for several minutes while it slithered up the glass and finally tipped over.

The boys spent a lot of time climbing on the statues and jumping off of benches. Boys will be boys!

The Circus

The circus was in town last weekend so we went with Mark's family. Gavin and Madison had so much fun! They loved all the performers and animals. They even had tigers this year. Gavin loved the tigers and acrobats. Madison loved all the silly tricks and the elephants. Mark enjoyed all of it and I really enjoyed the bleachers that we sat on. I was very uncomfortable but it makes it kind of worth it to see how much fun your kids have!

The circus just started and I was already a little uncomfortable. But Gavin and Madison were watching so intently that they wouldn't even look at the camera.

It's hard to see but these are the tigers. It is amazing the things the trainers get these animals to do.
The elephants were one of every ones favorite!

We couldn't leave until Madison got to ride the pony. She loves animals and one of her favorites is horses.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Wacky Hospital

Glen Carbon School had their annual Fall Festival last weekend. Gavin and Madison took a trip to the Wacky Hospital. They both look pretty beat up. Thank goodness they got stitches and bandages. It took a little convincing to get Madison to go in because she thought she had to see a real doctor. She was also very concerned about the red bandages and would stare at everyone that had one on. When I told her it was just red paint she was all for it, and they both were very happy with the results!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

26 weeks

Well I usually don't take pictures of me when I am pregnant but this will probably be my last. I have many people ask me how big I am. So this is for them! I am 26 weeks and I am starting to feel very uncomfortable! I have the little girls head on one side of my ribs and the little boys feet on the other side. These babies are very active so my ribs are constantly in pain. The size I am now is about the same size I was when I delivered Gavin and Madison. And I feel like I am nine months pregnant! Mark, Gavin, and Madison take really good care of me and always make sure I have time to rest. For the most part I feel really good. We are so excited to have these babies join our family!

Apple Orchard

I went with Madison on a field trip to Mills Apple Orchard. We took a wagon ride out to pick the apples. We picked some really good ones but Madison's favorite is golden delicious apples so she didn't want any other kind. I did sneak a red delicious but she wouldn't let me put it in her bag so I ate it while she picked apples. She was very particular about which apples she chose. Madison also got to help make apple cider in an old cider press. We got to try some cider which I really like but Madison didn't like it at all. I am trying to fit in as many field trips and other activities that I can before we have these babies!

Time out for Women

Time out for Women came to St. Charles, Missouri and our ward decided to go. My mom flew out to come with me too! It was such a great experience and I got such a spiritual boost. The theme of the conference was finding joy in life. I learned many things to help me focus on the joy I experience everday. I have spent more time enjoying life and my family since attending the conference!

My mom and I waiting for the conference to start.
My mother in law and sister in law, Camille.