Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Apple Orchard

I went with Madison on a field trip to Mills Apple Orchard. We took a wagon ride out to pick the apples. We picked some really good ones but Madison's favorite is golden delicious apples so she didn't want any other kind. I did sneak a red delicious but she wouldn't let me put it in her bag so I ate it while she picked apples. She was very particular about which apples she chose. Madison also got to help make apple cider in an old cider press. We got to try some cider which I really like but Madison didn't like it at all. I am trying to fit in as many field trips and other activities that I can before we have these babies!


Joe and Amy said...

Apples orchards are one of the best parts of fall.

So smart of you to fit everything in before the babies come.