Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just a few things...

Mark had a break in school before he started summer semester so we tried to fit some fun activities in before he had to get back to studying. We spent some time in Ohio and went to Kings Island and some of our favorite places in Amish Country.

Gavin and Madison waiting in the bumper cars. This was the ride Madison was really anxious to ride.
The crew on Plankton's Plunge. What a fun grandma! We all had such a great time at King's Island. Gavin was a little more daring than he has been in the past and went on a few roller coasters. We didn't have to wait in any lines so he would stay on the coasters and go over and over again. Dylan and Camryn even enjoyed their first amusement park. They were so content riding in the stroller.

We went to Rolling Hills Ranch to feed the animals. Gavin and Madison were able to steer the wagon.

The Amish don't like you to take their pictures but since Madison was steering it was a great opportunity to sneak a snapshot of our driver Jebediah.

Our first photo with our whole family. My how our family has grown!

When we got home we were able to get tickets to the Cardinals game. We had so much fun. Gavin enjoyed watching the game and seeing Albert Pujols. Madison enjoyed people watching and pointed at about every person there. Gavin and Madison were both amazed at how much beer was being consumed. On the way home Gavin said, "I saw one guy have five bottles of beer". I couldn't believe that he counted. It was a good teaching moment.

We have had so much rain the past few weeks. We had over 9 inches in one day and our street was flooded. Mark couldn't stand not getting in the water. What a great example he was to Gavin and Madison. They couldn't stay out either. I think they changed their clothes 3 or 4 times that day. Which meant lots of laundry for me!