Monday, May 2, 2011


Gavin just finished up basketball and he had a lot of fun. His team had a lot of new and inexperienced players but they all tried really hard. They really started playing well as a team towards the end of the season. The first few games I watched I felt so bad for them and I really worried that Gavin was going to get really frustrated. He can be pretty competitive at times but he handled it like a champ and hardly mentioned anything about it. So even though they didn't win any games they learned a lot and had fun which is the most important!

Pinewood Derby

It was Gavin's first year participating in the pinewood derby. It was definitely a group effort getting his car ready. Mark was so busy with school so he helped Gavin cut it out and sand it. Grandpa Hawk helped Gavin put the weight on and I helped him paint it. It was a learning experience but he ended up taking 5th place which was great! I was just hoping he didn't take last in every race. He had so much fun! There was a smudge on our camera lens so our pictures of the actual race didn't turn out. But I did get one of my handsome boy!

Christmas morning

We had a really fun month of December. I put fun and easy things to do in our advent calendar this year so we celebrated all month long which was really nice because on Christmas Eve Madison started feeling sick and from there on out it hit each one of us during Christmas break. The kids really enjoyed everything they got from Santa. We left to go to my mom and dad's in the afternoon since the kids were exhausted. We had high hopes that they would sleep a lot of the drive and they did! When we got there the kids opened their presents. Madison got an American girl doll which she was really excited about! My whole family was there this year so we had a lot of fun together despite passing around the flu. Even though we were sick we really enjoyed spending time together as a family and celebrating the birth of our Savior.


The kids got to sit on Santa's lap at our church Christmas party. Dylan and Camryn did not like Santa up close. They loved seeing pictures and got really excited about him this year but when he got to close they got really upset. Dylan wouldn't even get close enough to get a picture and Camryn just buried her head in her hands and cried. Maybe next year they will warm up to him.

Christmas program

Gavin and Madison were asked to be in the annual church Christmas nativity. Madison was really excited to be the angel and Gavin was a little concerned that he would have to perform which he isn't a fan of. He gets really nervous getting in front of people just like his mom. But when I told him he just had to stand there he finally agreed.

My big helpers

Madison and Camryn love to help me in the kitchen. If I am in the kitchen Camryn comes running in yelling help you mommy, help you. They are pretty good helpers and they even do the dishes.