Sunday, January 25, 2009

Our Crazy Life

Wow! What a month. We have made it through the holidays, finals, a wedding, and talks in sacrament meeting. This month has been such a blur but we have enjoyed every minute of it. Dylan and Camryn are such good babies. They sleep well at night and I think we finally have somewhat of a schedule. Gavin and Madison love their brother and sister and are such good helpers. Every morning Gavin changes Dylan's diaper and gets him dressed for me. Gavin even wakes up during the night when they are crying to make sure I get up to feed them. He is going to make an excellent father some day! Madison likes to hold the babies but tends to treat them like she does her dolls. She is learning that babies like to be held still and not bounced all the time. Mark and I are adjusting to having four children and have realized that we each need an extra pair of hands. Life may seem a little crazy at times but we sure feel blessed for all that we have! Here are some pictures of our cute kids. For those of you who have seen Gavin and Madison as babies the resemblance to Dylan and Camryn is quite shocking!