Sunday, December 12, 2010

Playing in the snow

We had our first snowfall today. The kids spent so much time playing outside. They all loved it! I thought for sure Dylan and Camryn would only last a few minutes but I couldn't get them to come in. Their hands were frozen and they still wanted to play outside. Gavin shoveled the driveway all by himself while his dad shoveled snow at the church. After they were all done we came in and snuggled by the fire and read books. It was such a fun day!

Dylan and Camryn turn 2

Dylan and Camryn turned two this month. I can't believe they are two! They are so much fun right now. They loved opening presents and eating cake and ice cream. They are so different from each other. Dylan is pretty quiet and shy and Camryn is outgoing and loud. Dylan loves to play with his toys especially cars and trucks. They both love to color. Camryn isn't really into toys but she loves to follow me around and help. We sure love these two!

Pumpkin Patch

Gavin and Madison got some free tickets to the pumpkin patch so we took them on Halloween before we went trick or treating. There were lots of rides, a corn maze and a haunted house. The kids had a really good time.

Halloween 2010

We had our ward trunk or treat at a farm this year and it was so much fun. They had a chili cook off, games, roasted marshmallows and had a hay ride. The hay ride was pretty bumpy. So bumpy that I thought we would lose a couple of kids out the back of the wagon. And so bumpy that Mark's cell phone may have fallen out of my pocket and we may have had to stop the hay ride and search all over for it. Luckily I found it. Dylan and Camryn were Pooh and Piglet and they thought Halloween was the best with all the candy. They tried to stop and eat their candy after each trunk.

Halloween 2010

Gavin and Madison both had Halloween parties and parades. Madison was a pirate and Gavin was Voldemort. Gavin played a game where he had to touch food and guess which body part it was (ie. grapes were eyeballs, hot dogs with almonds in the end, fingers) The kids were pretty grossed out! They also had a pinata so Gavin came home with a lot of candy. Madison also played some fun games and got lots of candy.


Dylan loves to ride Madison's old scooter. He goes in the garage gets the pink barbie helmet and rides around in the garage. He gets very upset when I have to take the helmet off. He occasionally wears it in the car when we run errands just so I don't have to hear him scream.

Madison turns 6

Madison turned six in September and she had a great birthday. My mom and my niece and nephew came to celebrate with her. We had a little party and she got lots of fun presents. Madison is such a happy girl. She loves everything girly but she isn't afraid to get dirty. She loves to put make up on and get dressed up and she also loves to dig for worms in the yard. She is such a good friend and a great sister. She is very funny and always keeps us laughing. We are so glad she is a part of our family!

Mark's Surgery

Mark had PRK surgery in September. He had several eye infections and couldn't wear contacts anymore so we decided it was time. I took him and got to watch the surgery and it was pretty gross so I didn't watch the whole thing. It only took about three minutes each eye and he recovered quickly. He was seeing 20/600 before surgery and now he sees 20/20.

First Day of School

Gavin started 3rd grade this year and Madison started kindergarten. They go to different schools across town so I was grateful they both wanted to ride the bus. They both love school and are learning so much!

The Amish Farm

It wouldn't be a trip to Ohio without a trip to the farm. My kids love feeding the animals and I love eating all the amish food. So it's a win win situation.


My parents have some friends who have a pool so we went swimming. They have lots of pool toys and goggles and I think my kids tried on every single pair. Even Mark used the goggles and he looks pretty good if I do say so myself!

The Lake

We went to a lake while visiting my parents. We camped overnight which was quite the experience. We didn't bring any air mattresses because we thought we could rough it for one night. But I was wrong Mark and I didn't sleep at all. Grandpa even resorted to sleeping in the truck because the ground was so uncomfortable. And the raccoons ate all of our food during the night. It's a good thing the water was so refreshing because I don't think we would have made it. The kids loved playing in the sand and water. We rented a pontoon boat the next morning and pulled everyone on the tube.

Grandpa and Grandma

We spent some time at Grandpa and Grandma Binks this summer and had such a great time! We spent a lot of time riding horses. Everyone loved the horses except Camryn which was quite a surprise because she is an animal lover. Grandpa even let Gavin mow the lawn on his tractor. As you can see he is quite the natural.