Monday, June 20, 2011


The day finally arrived for Mark to graduate with his MBA. He has worked so hard and we are so proud of him. Mark started his day at 3:45 am to go to work, then he went straight to the library to study, came home to eat dinner with us, then went to class and didn't get home until 10 or 11 at night. Oh did I mention he is the Elders Quorum President and also a father to four kids who also like to spend time with him. So he was just a little busy. We have been so excited for this day and it was such a wonderful ceremony to celebrate all of his accomplishments. They a had a hooding ceremony for the graduate students from the school of business. It was such a fun day and we sure love the graduate! Now the fun continues as we search for jobs. But at least we have school behind us!


We had a lot of fun this Easter. Dylan and Camryn were very excited to go on egg hunts. They found lots of eggs but they would stop and open each egg as they went along to see what kind of candy it was filled with. Gavin and Madison were really excited for Grandpa and Grandma Hawk's egg hunt because some eggs have money in them. I don't think we made it out of the driveway before they asked to go to the store to buy someting. We are working on the whole save your money thing but it still hasn't quite sunk in.