Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blackhand Gorge

We went hiking at Blackhand Gorge in Ohio. It was a beautiful paved trail which was nice because we could take the stroller. There were a few hikes off the paved trail so I took Gavin, Madison, and Hobbs, on one of them. They were sure they heard indians and we hurried to find them but we couldn't find any. The hikers in front of us saw a snake slither past them but we didn't have such luck and I was very grateful for that. There was a little lake and the kids wanted to just get their feet wet. It didn't take them long to dive in. Gavin took his shirt off and swam in his shorts and Madison kept asking me if she could do the same. I should have been more prepared and taken swimsuits because they were dripping wet the rest of the hike.