Sunday, August 30, 2009

Madison's First Day of School

Madison started school this week and she is in Miss Connie's class. She got into the Pre-K program at Glen Carbon and we couldn't be happier! She misses the kindergarten deadline by eight days and was so ready for something a little more challenging. She goes Monday through Thursday all day. She loves school and has only complained about nap time. When she comes home from school she always has so much to say. She told me that she is friends with the French girl at school and is learning French words (maybe a little too much Fancy Nancy). I asked her what words she new and she said Hola. I told her that was Spanish and then she remembered that her friend was teaching her Spanish. On another day Mark picked her up from school and she told him she got sent to the principals office. She told him some girls in her class said she had a baby cup at lunch time so she hit them. Then she quickly told him she was just kidding. Now as soon as they told me I knew there was probably a little truth to the story. We found out the girls told her she had a baby cup during lunch so she flicked applesauce on their arm. This girl had a plan she told us the worst scenario so when she told the truth it wouldn't be nearly as bad as it could have been. Madison is definitely going to keep us on our toes. But at least we don't have to worry about her being picked on at school. I think she'll be able to hold her own.


Joe and Amy said...

Oh my gosh, that is the funniest story ever! What a little smarty pants! Good for her and snaps to you and Mark for raising a confident girl! Every child needs to be quipped with the confidence to stand up for themselves!

Happy Birthday to Mark to! That picture of Dylan (sp) cracks me up!

Susan said...

Kory~ Love Fancy Nancy! French?? Spanish??? Either way she may just become bilingual:) Glad to see you are all well!