Monday, October 22, 2007


Well I've been tagged by Amy. So here it goes:

1. Best thing you cooked this last week.
We had a ward Halloween party and I made creamy bacon and potato soup for the soup cook-off. I actually took 3rd place which means I probably get my name on a plaque or something.

2. If money, time, and babysitting were no object where would you go?
You would have to ask my travel agent Daisy Wilson. She has been looking into cruises, and she tells me about all the good deals. I have started saving my pennies and have left the rest up to her.

3. When was the last time you cried?
This afternoon when I watched the Extreme Makeover Home Edition that I had recorded. It was a real tear jerker!

4. 5 things you were doing this month 10 years ago.
I am not very good at keeping a journal but this is my best guess. I was probably studying for the chemistry class that I hated. Taking a walk with my roommates around campus, with our ear muffs of course. Listening to the latest gossip about who was my roommate Tara's latest crush. Eating at Craigo's (remember girls). And last but not least, working at JB's as the hostess with the mostest.

5. 5 things on my to do list.
Volunteer at Gavin's school, Have lunch with Gavin at his school, Get caught up on laundry, Take Madison to dancing, and finally take the two garbage bags of clothes (they have been sitting in my closet for a couple weeks) to goodwill.

6. 5 favorite snacks.

strawberries with yogurt, pretzel goldfish, chocolate pudding, fiber one peanut butter granola bars, and ritz bits with cheese.

7. 5 bad habits.
I care too much, I volunteer too much, I work too hard, I sacrifice too much, and I play too little. As I was writing these down I realized they were also my strengths. (This is for those of you who watch The Office).

8. 5 favorite foods
lasagna, halibut, steak, ice cream, and Costco's All American chocolate cake

9. 5 places I've been
San Diego, Mexico, Ohio (Amish Country), Colorado, and Arizona.

10.5 favorite memories
1. My wedding day, August 5, 2000. Everything about it was just wonderful!
2. The day I had my children. They bring so much joy and laughter to my life.
3. The Binks' family reunions at Blackhawk campground. The parades, the horse rides, the stories and music around the campfire, and I can't forget the good food.
4. The day we got the results of Mark's C.A.T scan after all his chemo and radiation treatments. Hearing that the treatments were successful and they got all the cancer.
5. Our family vacations. Whether we went camping at Cherry Hill or to Kings Island Amusement Park. We have had so much fun as a family.

Now I tag Missy, Shelly, Mom, Bonnie, and Mindi


One Tired Mom said...

Yikes! If I'm the travel agent, we may be in trouble. Maybe we should be saving quarters instead of pennies. Anyone who is reading this, the cruise is open to anyone and everyone, so don't feel like you're being excluded. Let me know if you want to go and if you have any suggestions. :)

Joe and Amy said...

I want to know more about what the cruise is all about?

I loved your answers Kory, they brought back some wonderful memories for me. Were we together on the walk when the girl came storming down the hill on her roller blades and couldn't stop? I still LOL when I think about that.

mindi said...

i ALWAYS cry when i watch extreme makeover home edition!