Monday, October 1, 2007


Gavin is so much fun to have around. He is always making us smile. Gavin has a lot of energy and likes to keep busy. He loves to learn about sharks and dinosaurs. He also loves to draw pictures of them. He comes home from school and will sit at the table and draw for hours. This is a picture of Gavin at an aquarium in Ohio. He loved seeing the sharks, although all the way there he kept asking me how big the sharks were going to be. He wasn't quite ready to see a big shark. He was very relieved that they were small sharks.

Gavin loves to hike and climb. We went to the St. Louis museum which has a lot of places to climb. In this picture I sent Gavin and Madison through this tunnel by themselves because I didn't think I would fit. Madison is in the background crying because she was scared. So I found out the hard way that I did fit and it took me several days for the bruises to heal.

Gavin loves school and is learning so much. He leaves for school at 8:15 and doesn't get home until 4:15. So he is gone a long time. Madison and I look forward to picking him up at the bus stop. He always has lots of stories to tell us when he gets home. Some are good and others are not so good. The other day he came home and asked me if he had nickname. When I said no he was very disappointed because Robert at school has one. I explained to him what a nickname was and he was very determined to have one. I asked him if he had one in mind he said he was thinking of Kevin or Bob. Mark and I are still trying to think of a better one.

Gavin just started fall soccer and really enjoys it. His first few games he was very shy and didn't dare get in there and kick the ball. Now he is getting more aggressive and at his last game he scored his first two goals. He didn't quite no how to act after he scored. But he talked to Jason on the phone and he gave him pointers on how to do a victory dance. So we look forward to next week and hope he will try that victory dance.


CaLEEfornians said...

Looks like things are going well. Wow, that is one long kindergarten day. That must be hard!

That tunnel freaked me out. I think I would be a little clausterphobic (sp). Glad you made it out safely!