Monday, October 1, 2007


Madison is always making us laugh. She acts and talks a lot older than she is. She loves animals. Especially dogs and horses. She will probably never have either so that's what grandparents are for. She loves to visit Grandpa and Grandma Binks so she can ride Jeeter. Our last visit to Ohio Madison moved the lawn chair out by the horses and was talking to them while they were eating. I asked her what she said to them and all she said was "they weren't talking to me". She seemed very disappointed.

Madison loves her babies. She spends hours a day changing poopy diapers and cleaning up throw up. She has quite an imagination. She has named her babies Kaitlyn and Moroni. You may be able to guess where we are in the scriptures. She is so funny.

When Madison isn't playing with her babies. She is dressing up and pretending to put make up on. She doesn't leave the house without her purse equipped with her lip gloss, sunglasses, and bracelets. When we do go out she is very observant. Whether its the "big people" at church or the "old people"at the grocery store I am always a little nervous about what she is going to say.

Madison is such a mama's girl. Probably because I do wear makeup. When Mark tells her he wants to hold her she sometimes says "but your not wearing any makeup". I don't know where she gets it from. Most of you know that I was definitely not overly concerned about that kind of stuff.


CaLEEfornians said...

What a sweetie! She sounds hilarious! I love to see how the kids of those I know turn out. It goes to show you that they come to us with some of our "make-up", pun intended, but they definitely have a makeup all their own too!