Sunday, October 7, 2007


Grandma Hawk took us all to the circus while the guys were at the priesthood session. We had so much fun! I meant to take all these great pictures to share, but I got so into the circus that I forgot. Gavin's favorite part was when the clown lost his pants and he had to chase them. We all saw the clown's valentine underpants. Gavin thought that was so funny. Madison loved the acrobats and all the girls in the beautiful dresses.

Gavin and Madison got their picture taken with the ringmaster. Madison wasn't so sure about him. This is as close as she would get and she wouldn't take her eyes off his hand. So much for the great pictures but at least it was something that they won't forget. At least anytime soon.


Joe and Amy said...

i have never been to a circus before....although I feel like part of one on a daily basis. I'm glad you had fun. I love the way Madison looks at the ringmaster...hmmm not so sure.