Thursday, October 18, 2007

Chocolate and Counting

Madison woke up from her nap yesterday and we had the following conversation:

Kory: Madison would you like a snack?

Madison: Yes, I want some chocolate.

Kory: That isn't a very healthy snack.

Madison: Well, I am chocaly (not even sure how to spell it).

Kory: What does chocaly mean?

Madison: It means I need chocolate.

Well I am guessing maybe chocaly is a combination of hungry and chocolate. And who knew girls needed chocolate at such a young age. I can't imagine what it will be like for me when she is a teenager. Our day went on as normal until I came downstairs to find a line of miscellaneous items from the fridge lined up on the counter. On top of each of them was a gogurt. I asked Madison what she was doing and she simply said, "I am counting". I guess I should be glad that she is creative.


Joe and Amy said...

So funny the things they come up with. It's so great to write them down because they are easy to forget! Love, Amy

The Cook Family said...

I think that is a great way to practice counting! I hope she earned some chocolate.

Joe and Amy said...

My mom called and told me about Jason. That is so exciting!

One Tired Mom said...

I wake up every morning "diet coly."

Bill and Rowene Vest said...


What a fun blog! Chocolate first thing in the morning sounds yummy to me. Billy is really great at making up concoctions for breakfast, but Madison's is a great idea. Have you tasted the new yogurt that has carbonation in it. It is really quite interesting. I need to learn how to do a picture book like you used. I loved that!

mindi said...

that is a great word. i am chocaly too. you should submit it as a new word.