Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our Little Vacation

When Mark finished school this summer we went to visit my Mom and Dad in Ohio. We always have so much fun when we go. It is so beautiful and peaceful there. We spent our time riding horses, going to the lake, feeding the animals at Rolling Hills Ranch, and celebrating my Mom's 50th birthday. It was a nice and relaxing trip and just what we needed!

Gavin learned how to ride the horse all by himself this year. Every free time he had he would spend on the horses. And of course he couldn't do it without a cowboy hat.

What a handsome cowboy! Madison enjoyed riding the horses too. She wasn't as brave as Gavin and wasn't quite ready to ride by herself. Her favorite thing was feeding the horses carrots and apples.
We went to a lake near my parents house. Not only was there a lake but a swimming pool too. Gavin, Madison, and Hobbs had so much fun playing in all the water!
This is a picture of my dad in the hammock. I thought it was so funny because it was so close to touching the ground. But doesn't he look comfortable!

Gavin and I taking a little rest!

We even ventured out on the raft. We didn't make it very far because Gavin and Madison wanted to jump out every few inches.