Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gavin's a First Grader!

Gavin started first grade today. He was very excited but also very nervous! They did a lot of rennovating at his school this summer so it was like going to a brand new school. I took him to school and he rode the bus home. I always worry that he will get off at the wrong stop. Today Mark and I waited and waited for him to get off the bus. The bus was really late so I was getting a little worried, but he made it home and had a great first day of school!

Gavin decked out in his new school attire.

Gavin's teacher is Miss Hogg. He loves his new classroom and his new desk.


Richard and Tammy said...

best looking first grader I've ever seen. Good luck Gavin. I am glad you love school.
Love Grandma Binks

Joe and Amy said...

Very cute!

Way to go, getting him to ride the bus! You will really need it in a couple of months!