Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mom's Birthday

We had a great party for my Mom's Birthday! She will probably be mad at me for posting these pictures but she was such a good sport! Riley got her sunglasses, a crown, and a wand so she could be a princess for a day. And boy did she look beautiful! We were so glad we were there to celebrate!

Grandma's entrance to the party!

Madison also thought it was necessary for Grandma to carry the princess coloring book.

Grandma blowing out the candles. I guess you have to try really hard when you have that many candles to blow out! We sure love you Mom!


Richard and Tammy said...

Wow what a beauty. Cut me some slack fifty isn't easy. Everything is harder when your fifty. Thanks for the fun party.
Love Grandma

Kim said...

It looks like a fun party. Tell your mom and dad hi from me.

Joe and Amy said...

Happy Birthday Tammy!

I'll bet you are closer to them than we are to my parents.

I'm glad you had a great trip.