Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Toothless Gavin

Gavin lost his first tooth this week. I can't believe he is old enough to start losing teeth. It was hard for me to send him to kindergarten but I would have to say that the first loose tooth rates up there pretty high too. He was so excited and pulled it out all by himself. Now he has bragging rights at school because I think he is one of the few who have lost their teeth. He is working on the one next to it and it should be ready to pull out pretty soon. Gavin is anxious to have another visit from the tooth fairy. Mom on the other hand is not!

Just a closer look at that beautiful toothless smile.


The Cook Family said...

Ahh! The first tooth. I appreciate the tooth fairy so much more now that I have children. It is a lot of work.

David and Kelly Ledward said...

Don't you love the toothless smile? I can't believe how grown up our kids are getting! Doesn't it make you feel kind of old? It's weird!