Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas Highlights

Our holiday kicked off with Gavin's school program. All of the kids did such a good job singing the Christmas songs. The songs were complete with actions. It was so funny to see their arms all over the place. Gavin actually got hit on the head several times from the kid sitting next to him and you could hardly see him because he was dodging arms. It was really funny! Gavin's teacher came up to me afterwards and said "Gavin is so patient! I saw that he got hit in the head several times and asked if he was okay, and he just nodded his head". Madison also had a school party and Santa brought her a present. The Santa was quite scary and Madison didn't dare sit on his lap. She told me on the way hom that he wasn't her Santa. We made sugar cookies about three or four times. Daisy's sugar cookie recipe is the best and I couldn't get enough of them! We also made a gingerbread house and the kids ate lots of candy in the process. On Christmas Eve we played the M&M game and Santa's beard game. The kids had so much fun and I think Gavin had the biggest beard. We got a phone call from Katie on Christmas Eve. She was stuck in Chicago and couldn't get a flight to Ohio until 7:00 p.m. on Christmas day (United Airlines didn't want to pay their employees overtime so they cancelled her flight). She ended up flying to St. Louis and we picked her up at 7:00 a.m. on Christmas and she spent a few days with us and we drove to Ohio on the 28th. It was fun to have her here to spend Christmas with us. We were very busy over the holidays but we sure had fun spending time with our family and friends.


The Cook Family said...

Sounds like a crazy Christmas. I am glad your sister made it. I love school concerts. They are so fun to watch.