Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Madison's favorite shirt

This is Madison's favorite shirt. She told me the reason she loves it is because she looks like a mom. This morning she didn't want to put her coat on because it didn't look like a mom coat. It didn't go with her sunglasses or her purse. This girl loves to accessorize! Too bad her mom knows nothing about it. We got lots of smiles as we went to the doctor today. She had her purse with all of her supplies. She passed out sunglasses to all the other children in the waiting room, gave them lotion, and tried to paint their nails (pretending of course). She is always making me smile.


One Tired Mom said...

That's cute. I'm always trying my hardest to NOT look like a mom. I fail miserably. If my lack of any fashion sense isn't enough, the snot on my shoulder is a dead give away.

The Cook Family said...

I think you are doing a great job raising her if she wants to look like a mom.

Micah and Nathan said...

you have the cutest kids! i hope when nathan and i have kids they're that cute. it's my biggest fear that we're going to produce the ugly grandkids!