Saturday, September 26, 2009


This is just one of the many things these two get into everyday. They pull off every DVD on this shelf at least once a day. They are starting to move really fast. In the morning Gavin plays with them while I get in the shower and if he opens the door they quickly go out of the room. He picks Dylan up and takes him back in the room. By the time he puts Dylan back Camryn is in another room. He goes to get her and by the time he gets her in the room Dylan is gone again. Gavin is like a little shepherd herding his flock. It's pretty funny but I am so glad he is so helpful because it's the only way I can get in the shower.


Stacie said...

This is one of my least favorite phases! good luck with that. It's great the Gavin is so helpful. I look at Abbie and think about her being the oldest in our fam and how much she's going to have to help as she gets older. Poor first kids! ;)