Monday, May 4, 2009

I am enjoying.....

The toothless talk of this cute boy!

The funny things this little girl says. One of our more recent conversations went something like this:
Madison: Mom everybody has armpits.
Me: Yes they sure do.
Madison: Yep, everyone has armpits and Jason has furry ones.
Oh, she makes me laugh!
And last but not least the smiles and laughs I get from these two. They are growing way to fast! It seems like time goes by even faster when there are two of them!


Stacie said...

Wow it's so great to see everyone! I love the missing tooth and I absolutely love the thinks kids say. Abbie's saying funny stuff all the time! And the babes are so cute! thanks for the update!

sara and wade said...

oh my... you're kids are so cute!! they are growing fast fast! the twins are totally looking like they belong to you two... it is great! they fit in well with the rest of the fam! good to hear that you are enjoying your time and not pulling your hair out! what a great mom you are!

Joe and Amy said...

It still makes me sad that I haven't met those cute babies of yours, but seeing pictures is the next best thing.

Looks like you guys are doing great. Love ya!