Sunday, February 1, 2009

City Museum

My family came to visit this weekend and we took them to the City Museum in St. Louis. It is a really neat place and fun for all ages. As you will see in the pictures even the "older" kids had fun!
My Dad posing as one of the sumo wrestlers.

Mark swinging on the rope in the skateless skate park.

Riley climbing through the tubes. I am still amazed that he made it through these without getting stuck.
Gavin going down the 7 story slide.

The kids were like little hamsters climbing all over the museum.

Madison taking her turn on the slide.


salisbury family said...

Kory, Looks like you guys had a lot of fun, hope all is well.

Joe and Amy said...

i've wanted to call you, but i feel like i should set up an must be so busy with babies! what's a good time to catch you? leave a comment here and i'll have it emailed to me

craig and jill said...

This looks like an awesome museum. Your kids are so darling.