Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Madison's 4th Birthday!

Madison turned 4 years old yesterday. She started her day by going to school. She had a special snack, her class sang to her, and she got a present from her teacher! We had a family party later that night and she got lots of presents and had yummy birthday cake! Madison has such a fun personality and always keeps up laughing! She is such a good helper and tries hard to obey her parents. We love her so much! Here are a few of Madison's favorite things now that she is a four year old.
favorite food: lasagna
favorite color: pink
favorite treat: apple (I don't think that is actually the truth)
favorite thing to do: paint and play on the slide
favorite toys to play with: purses and babies
favorite movie: Dora

Madison getting her birthday book at school.

Madison's Barbie cake. I made this myself and I really struggle when it comes to cake decorating. This is actually one of my few attempts. It turned out pretty good and Madison loved it which is what's most important!

The birthday girl getting ready to open presents.

She got everything she had asked for!

Madison getting ready to blow out her candles and of course her big brother was right there to help her.


About the Fam said...

Hi Kori, how are things going, congrats on the twins that has to be so exciting! I bet the kids cannot wait, they are getting so big. Hope all is well, take care.

The Lightle Family said...

That cake is totally awesome. It looks like she had alot of fun. On Sunday Whitney told me Madison invited her to her birthday party. I told her that madison's mom would let me know if there was a friend party. Whitney did something similiar at school. She was inviting all her friends at school. I had to tell her to stop that she had plenty of friends coming to her own party.

salisbury family said...

Wow I can't believe that Madison is already 4 years old! Where does the time go? Your cake looks awesome, and it looked like Madison had a great birthday. Hope all is well. P.S. You look great, I love your hair

Joe and Amy said...

Happy Birthday to Madison! Sounds like a fun celebration!

Chad Vest Family said...

Hi Kory we got your blog off of Amy's, hope you dont mind but we love catching up with you guys, your kids are growing up so fast. We hear your having twins congrats! That is great news we are real excited for you guys.

David and Kelly Ledward said...

She is getting so big! I love your family picture. It was so good to see you last weekend. I wish we could have spent more time together.