Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Khaki Team

Gavin has really enjoyed soccer this Spring. He was on the khaki team. You would think they could come up with a better name than that. Last fall he was on the burgundy team so I'm not sure which was worse. I guess they have so many teams they have to get creative with the colors. It has been so much fun to see him improve each year. A few of my favorite moments this spring have been when our team scores a goal for the other team and they are still so excited! One little boy wasn't watching where he was going and ran into the post of the goal and fell flat on his back. Luckily he was okay and he actually laughed about it. I loved it when Gavin scored a goal and he walked away like he was so embarrased because he was the center of attention. When I finally got his attention and gave him a thumbs up he smiled from ear to ear!

Gavin almost scored a goal in this picture. We are talking inches from scoring!

This year Gavin hasn't been afraid of getting in there to kick the ball. I love this picture because it shows how determined he is.


David and Kelly Ledward said...

k-little Beckham! He looks like a little pro in the picture where he is just about to score the goal! My kids are loving these pictures! We miss you guys!

David and Kelly Ledward said...

They are playing the aquamarine team right? :) Maybe you should get involved on the creative board of the recreation department.

One Tired Mom said...

I'm going to start an adult soccer league. My team is going to be the chubby team.

Joe and Amy said...

That's funny about the names.

I thought I had coomented last month, because I've checked your page a million times since this was first put on, i just realized today that i hadn't read the comments yet.

I've been thinking about you lately, wondering how things are going.