Friday, December 7, 2007

Our first snow fall in Illinois

I woke up this morning to my kids yelling that there was snow outside. I expected at least a couple of inches but soon realized that it was barely a dusting. They were so excited and the majority of the morning I heard "Oh cool, look at the snow on the roof" or "Wow there is snow on daddy's truck". I heard Gavin tell Madison that they should go outside and touch it. I am still in bed at this point. I heard them outside and they were having so much fun. I grabbed the camera and went to see what they were doing. They were just enjoying the dusting of snow! I didn't dare burst their bubble and tell them how much snow we used to get in Utah. How quickly they forget. I was worried that this year my kids wouldn't even see snow so I am happy they at least got to touch it. Madison told me the other day that it wasn't Christmas time because there wasn't any snow. We can now enjoy our holiday thanks to all this snow.

Gavin realized that he probably should have grabbed a coat in all the excitement.
This is Madison doing one of the poses she does best!
This is a couple of years ago in our backyard in Utah. There is quite a difference but we will keep that a secret for now.


Joe and Amy said...

Cute pictures! Love Madison's posing!

Because it is sunny here and we don't get snow, my kids complain all the time about why we can't go swimming or set up the slip and slide. They don't understand that sunny and 65 degree weather doesn't make a great swimming day. It rained all day yesterday, so we had a break from the begging.